How does Precision Prep stack up?

How does Precision Prep stack up?

We thought it would be an interesting exercise to directly compare our meals to their takeaway equivalents. Since we’re adamant we’re just as tasty and convenient as any take out, we wanted to demonstrate the pluses in choosing our healthier options.

We compared our Piri Piri Chicken to the Nando’s equivalent and that was one hell of an eye-opener: £7.50 for our delicious breast, peas pudding and sweet potato wedges at 565 kcals, or £12.25 for Nando’s chicken, chips and peas. Nando’s dish has way over twice the fat content too to boot. 😳😳 

Try our Piri Piri Chicken here


Next up our customer favourite Katsu Chicken Curry; this time versus Wagamama who we always thought to be pretty damn healthy. Ours: £7.50, 576kcals, macros nailed. Theirs: £10.75, 1079 kcals (😳😳) and again TWICE the fat content (and more than twice the carbs). Crazy. Especially given the taste comparison; customers rave about our Katsu day in day out.

Try our Katsu Chicken Curry here

So what we’re trying to get at here is that we all have a choice. We know how tempting it is to order a take out treat, but we assure you, PP is no lesser treat. And no lesser convenient. We hit the spot and we keep you on track.

Precision Prep vs Domino's

Remember: What you eat in private, you wear in public. Now you decide...

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