It starts with food

We founded Precision Prep to challenge the notion that you can only achieve your potential through fad diets, meal replacements and quick fixes. That somehow, we need pills and powders to perform at our best.

It’s just not true.

Consistency and healthy habits are key to achieving long term success…

We believe in good, honest nutrition

Our team is made up of fitness enthusiasts – bodybuilders, martial artists and adrenaline junkies of all walks. We know what it means to put our bodies through the wringer, and demand more and better from ourselves as well as do the day job. This means we also know that when you’re chasing a goal, time is precious.

Only the best will do

For us, high quality isn’t a marketing phrase or something we say lightly. It’s just a shorthand, a way for us to quickly say that our meals are made with proper, good ingredients. That they’re nutritionally balanced and packed with the right nutrients and macros to help you thrive. It means that they’re accessible, convenient, and easy to store and cook. Oh, and our founder’s a chef so they’re damn tasty too!

Keep feeding your potential,
Spencer & the Precision Prep Team

Our Promise

All of our meals are made from scratch by our team of talented chefs, using fresh, natural ingredients. Then they're flash frozen to lock in all those valuable nutrients. Keeping frozen foods stocked offers convenience. Having healthy meals, readily available, helps you keep on track and adhere to your lifestyle goals.

Ready and available whenever it suits you.

  • Balanced Macros

    Our meals are designed to provide the perfect blend of fats, carbs and protein.

  • Fresh Frozen

    Freezing keeps nutrients fresh and storage convenient.

  • Quality Calories

    We only ever use the highest quality ingredients in our meals and pots.

  • No Time? No Sweat

    Real food straight to your door and ready to eat in minutes.

  • Our Standards & Quality

    Our products are created by professional chefs that are passionate about bringing you the best quality they can.

  • Our Ethics & Sustainability

    We have zero food waste and all of our packaging is sustainable and recyclable.

  • Why Fresh Frozen?

    Freezing is nature's way of preservation, which means we don’t use additional preservatives. 

  • Our Expertise & Knowledge

    Our team has over 100 years of combined knowledge within the food & drink and fitness industries, making us a dab hand at what do.

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